This project was a collaborative effort between my friend Camille (C.B. Imagery) and I.

I chose to recreate a few visuals from the 2017 version of the movie "It" with Camille as Pennywise; I also threw in some of my own creative elements to develop a whole new creepy interpretation for black people.

I was very particular with the location scouting. I saw that "It" was shot in Port Hope, Ontario, which has a population of roughly 18,000, so I then found a city in North Carolina that had a population close to that; Mebane (and it's very racist out there, so these images are worth more than people even know lol). After I found a city to work with, I drove around Mebane a couple times to find locations that fit specific visuals from the film. One location that I found, which wasn't based off the film visual, tied in perfectly to a history of black horror; a memorial.

The memorial in Mebane was erected in 1922 and is called the "Faithful Slave Memorial". Too many times, ESPECIALLY in North Carolina, we are fed our own black history in the form of “faithful slaves”, “not so bad masters/plantation owners” or even "good masters". Real black people all know slavery was not happy; slavery was horror. The text of the memorial should be legible in the images, but it says “In memory of the faithful slaves many of whom were members of Hawfields Presbyterian Church and are buried in this cemetery. Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life Rev. 2:10”. This is terrible on many levels, but the most important are the happy/faithful slaves narrative and the use of Christianity to strengthen slave owners' hold on their slaves.

I'm offering limited prints of these images. They'll only be available until January 1st, 2021.