#BreakTheInternet I - V , Sadder Daze XXIV

Digital Photograph, 2015

Available for sale/acquisition (email Contact@KingPhill.us for prices and any other questions)

In Collaboration with Recording Artist Josh Fonzarelli

Creative Direction: Phillip Loken & Josh Fonzarelli

Location: Phillip Loken

This project was the photoshoot for the artwork of an album that ended up never being released. The album was called #BreakTheInternet and it was for my close friend and recording artist Josh Fonzarelli. I'll never forget this day; our fellow blackprofit Julian was with us. We smoked first to get the creative energies in the air, then we walked around the edges of downtown Greensboro and found this abandoned area. What's not shown in the picture is the broken down bus right next to us. These images were a real moment. The fire is real; everything in these images is real. Josh explained what he wanted to do for the shoot and I helped by capturing the image, finding the location and preparing the location for the shoot.

Two images from this project are now a part of NC Always’ “Don’t Wait Til It’s Cool” traveling photography archive, which exhibited at North Carolina’s Museum of History in 2019.