Documentary photography identifies the place, space, people and time. It asks us to consider the relationship between them (even when there are no people in the image) as a meal to be eaten slowly, to be savored.


#FightFor15 Rally/Protest in Durham, NC

(Thurz Daze XXVIII)

I honestly wasn't feeling very social before I even knew this protest was happening the same day, but a friend of mine invited me to meet with him at this protest and my mood immediately changed. Visit to learn more about the #FightFor15 movement.

East Raleigh, NC Gentrification

(Twos Daze XXVII)

I’ve lived all over North Carolina since I was 4, but I’ve lived in East Raleigh from about 12/13 to 25. Seeing this area change is so aggravating. Even shooting this made me mad for many reasons, but one in particular is that I KNOW these businesses aren’t hiring people from the communities out here. I used the Food Mart sign as a bit of a marker for what East Raleigh used to be. If you’re familiar with gentrification, you can tell where it’s happening in this photoset. These were shot with two cameras; one digital and one film.

East Chapel Hill, NC Gentrification

I’ve been living in Chapel Hill for almost two years now and every so often I’ll go on a walk to just check out what’s near me. These are some photos of a new apartment complex being built and an abandoned hotel that I’m sure will be turned into extremely expensive housing. Whenever I pass the construction for the new complex, I immediately think of how anyone who’s lived here longer than me may feel about this because I’ve been here a short time and I already hate that they’re doing this. All these people see is money, not the hardships that now exist (and those coming) for anyone who lives near the area or those who’ve been completely displaced due to this new property. These images were shot with two different cameras; both on film.

Downtown Raleigh, NC Gentrification

I actually shot these across the street from Raleigh’s Planned Parenthood office; my partner had an appointment there. I was walking around the area, waiting for them to be done and decided to shoot. I came across what looks like some new business/living property being built. There’s an edit of these images in color and one in black and white because I wanted to capture the true darkness (and honestly horror) that comes from these properties popping up in our areas; displacing many native members of these communities and destroying history.